13daysofpak – Day 9

Goodbye Rabwah and hello Rawalpindi/Islamabad !

The night was short, getting up in the morning was hard. But somehow I managed it. So I decided to just say goodbye and make sure she knows that I’ll come back, inshallah. That’s it I just told her I will come back to her and she has to wait ! My grandpa was laughing, then he said “don’t love us too much or else you’re gonna cry when we’re dead” as if I stop loving them 😒

Daddijaan I’ll come back wait for me!  

When I got to Farwah to say goodbye to her too she was at her mothers dressing table with a perfume in her hands saying: “me abhi pa-fuum laga ke aati hoon” hahha so funny – I’m really gonna miss her 😢.

So we got to the bus: I got in my seat, the first thing, which comes in my mind is damn it there’s almost no space 😅. Then the bus took off and got on a road I would recommend to no one. The street was so uneven that with the vibration ur body did not feel like getting a massage but it hurt. It was I uncomfortable sitting in that bus for almost an hour on that fucking road. And, as if it isn’t enough the bus stopped like 5 times within 40 minutes  


Then guys like him couldn’t stop coming in and selling snacks for the way and shouting so much, y do they have to shout. 😞

But then after almost an hour we got to the motorway and just in that sec I was gone lol, needed a recharge. I wanted to show u another thing I saw on the road

a wall with lots of cow shit on it

I woke up when we got down from the motorway and then it was just minutes to be back home 🙂

Then me and my sis hubby – reunited – went out to get a shave and boy that guys do a lot of stuff on ur face just so u feel good hahahah And this looked like this 



I know looks gaaaayyyyy but I Dnt even know what it is but my skin feels good after that. So I paid for shave haircut this thing on my face twice like 500RS that’s about 5€ which is way more expensive than 3 years ago but still really cheap for us.

In the evening the Mehndi (1.Day of wedding) started. It was a nice location with no roof, so beautiful. Next door to us there was another show which appearantly was more interesting than ours  

waiter sticking hos head to the other side checking out whats going to up there


Anyways had a nice evening mashallah !

Tomorrow is wedding day ! Let’s go 🙂

Day 9 gone, 4 to go 

One thought on “13daysofpak – Day 9

  1. Deine Großeltern konnten aus deinen gesagten Worten schon erahnen, was dahinter steckt und das bedeutet ihnen sehr viel. Da bin ich mir sicher.

    Allein schon wie diese Maske in den Lücken deines Barts getupft wurde. 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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