13daysofpak – Day 11

So today was the second wedding. Same procedure. Same idea. Same plan. One hour earlier than yesterday. Sounds easy, if we wouldn’t be Pakistanis hahah 😅

But somehow it worked out fine…at first.

So we got in the bus which my uncle booked for all the guests and he told the driver exactly the way to the hall to avoid getting lost again like we did yesterday. 

We took off and cruised through Islamabad and it felt like an endless and boring ride to the hall. On the way we passed this

a dozen of em on one spot and and almost none of em in rest of paksitan

But still there is electricity saving in Islamabad. Maybe these are just for decoration…

But there was another thing I saw on the way to the hall. We passed by the slums of Islamabad. Hundreds and Hundreds of houses build up out of clay. It looked disturbing


And then again I’m really happy and I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that I have such a nice home, a family, and warm food. Thanks Allah !

After cruising around for one hour we finally arrived at the hall. But thank god the guests didn’t arrive yet. I didn’t take pictures from the ousside because it wasn’t that beautiful this time but I got some of the inside  


After a while the ceremony took place everything went good (even with some difficulties from the service). 

So we left the hall to get back home in the same bus we came. I don’t know for sure why, but I guess the driver had another appointment after dropping us. He drove that bus like he owns that place. It was so risky my poor dad sitting in the front got a bit scared hahah – cute 😊

But we got home safely and now I’m gonna go to bed bcse tomorrow is the last day in Pakistan for me, so tomorrow is day 12. We almost got it ! 

Ps: The view from the roof of my uncles house:  


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