13daysofpak – It’s Over

So I just landed in Frankfurt and I’m about to get picked up by my cousin. The flight was quite relaxing. I had a really nice flight attendant. Syiahda was her name she was so cute cause she gave me extra food 😍😁✌🏽

And she agreed to this picture here don’t worry hahah

And else I watched the the Nightcrawler, which is a great movie with a weird end I thought. But before that I slept for like 3 hrs and it was so good πŸ™‚

At the end I just watched some friends to past time oh I love friends πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜Š

Yeah wel so guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my 13 days of Pakistan are over, I hope I didn’t write to much nonsense and maybe answered some questions 😊

For the end I got a nice picture:

frankfurt form up there

13daysofpak – Day 13 – Home

this day started really early like almost yesterday hahah πŸ˜… okay now I’m being weird, sorry but it’s 4am here in Pakistan. 

So my flight is at 4 am on the 13th, which means I have to be there at 2am and leave home at 1:30am. So my second last day turned into the last day without any sleep 😱

I got to the airport and they wanted to check my bags obviously if one young man is traveling with 4 bags they want to know what’s inside. But it went cool I boocked the bags and there were 5kg to much in it and he was like sorry sir it’s to much. At this point the  Pakistani airport stuff wants some bribe money. They want me to pay them so that I can take more kg with me haha. But I just did what my cousin told me to do: “I just said I’m not reveling for the first time I am allowed to have a couple of kg’s more than it says on the ticket and I also hat more when I came to Pakistan” and it worked 😁

Thank god I found this sign in the waiting area 


 So that I could tell my cousin who dropped me off that I’m through and he can go home without using my mobile data 😁✌🏽

So I was sitting there with these guys


 right at my side. You’re probably wondering what the hell im carrying in them when I already had 5 kg more than on my ticket ? Well me too πŸ˜… but I’m Pakistani and one (Pakistani) does not simply fly anywhere without having less baggage than he’s allowed to especially not to or form Pakistan πŸ˜…. So I actually do know what I’m transporting but I do not know exactly how she distributed the stuff into the bags. And with she I mean my lovely sister of course. Who took the opportunity to send all the stuff she doesn’t need anymore and other stuff she can get rid of with me. Well I have to admit it’s not all her stuff because we got a big family and and many many friends and if someone knows that u are coming or going to Pakistan suddenly everybody is your friend. So I got much stuff from friends and family too. 

In the plane I got to sit next an old man. He later told me he is a doctor in the hospital of Islamabad and is on the way to Houston to visit his kids. He complimented me on my Urdu, he said he likes the way I talk Urdu because there is no accent. He couldn’t tell whether I’m born in Pakistan or born somewhere else. I’ve heard that a lot while being in Pakistan. 😳 I don’t think it’s much better than my friends and family’s Urdu πŸ˜… but thanks again u guys are cute ^^ later he asked me about my profession and when i told him I am studying teaching with maybe and IT as subjects he asked me whether there is a future for maths ther or not if I don’t wanna do teaching. And after that he asked me if it isn’t boring for me and that he things if i go to the army and try to improve missels and bombs it would be more interesting than teaching and that I should consider doing that πŸ˜… at first I was like whaaat hahha u serious bro?! But then I realized he was just joking… I guess πŸ˜…πŸ˜

Anyways I had a nice talk with him because he was really talkative. Now I’m about to leave  Doha that means home is comin closer and closer 😍

Wanna see something stunning ? 

islamabad at night
sunrise from the plane

13daysofpak – Day 12

Day 12 – my last day in Pakistan !

This day started very early after the last one ended quick hahah. My dad and some other relatives left for Rabwah and of course I had to say goodbye πŸ™‚

But right after they left I went to bed and slept  for another 5 hours. I slept a lot today hahah. I fell asleep later again, I was chilling on terrace and enjoying the sun, cause today was the last day for me here and the weather was amazing. 




So I was thinking of home and my life back there. Then I realized I dnt wanna go back into my daily routine 😩 and I still need to reverse math and stuff like that. While I was in my thoughts I didn’t notice that I fell asleep for like 2h and I woke up just in time to get ready for the last day of one wedding. 

While being in Pakistan I noticed that they try to be like any western country, but their not that successful hahah. For example the have these security gates I think they’re called metal detectors at the entrance of weddings and some shops. 


The idea isn’t bad at all the problem is that weather it beeps or not it’s irrelevant because no one moves it’s just kinda really ugly decoration piece hahahπŸ˜… 

Well but the hall was nice and the food too πŸ™‚ and my cousin looked really beautiful mashallah ! And I just want to say here: the groom had an awesome tie 😁 and these we’re cute hahahah:


I, myself liked the way how it has been folded.

Another funny thing was: there was a guy selling helium ballons for kids right in front of the hall and someone had bought one. But he or she lost it somehow cause it was at the roof of the hall. 


Funny thing was that after I showed it to my sis she said “well that’s where he belongs lol” πŸ˜‚

And else well I had a nice evening, we laughed and had fun. It was a very funny last day.

Germany here I come !

13daysofpak – Day 11

So today was the second wedding. Same procedure. Same idea. Same plan. One hour earlier than yesterday. Sounds easy, if we wouldn’t be Pakistanis hahah πŸ˜…

But somehow it worked out fine…at first.

So we got in the bus which my uncle booked for all the guests and he told the driver exactly the way to the hall to avoid getting lost again like we did yesterday. 

We took off and cruised through Islamabad and it felt like an endless and boring ride to the hall. On the way we passed this

a dozen of em on one spot and and almost none of em in rest of paksitan

But still there is electricity saving in Islamabad. Maybe these are just for decoration…

But there was another thing I saw on the way to the hall. We passed by the slums of Islamabad. Hundreds and Hundreds of houses build up out of clay. It looked disturbing


And then again I’m really happy and I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that I have such a nice home, a family, and warm food. Thanks Allah !

After cruising around for one hour we finally arrived at the hall. But thank god the guests didn’t arrive yet. I didn’t take pictures from the ousside because it wasn’t that beautiful this time but I got some of the inside  


After a while the ceremony took place everything went good (even with some difficulties from the service). 

So we left the hall to get back home in the same bus we came. I don’t know for sure why, but I guess the driver had another appointment after dropping us. He drove that bus like he owns that place. It was so risky my poor dad sitting in the front got a bit scared hahah – cute 😊

But we got home safely and now I’m gonna go to bed bcse tomorrow is the last day in Pakistan for me, so tomorrow is day 12. We almost got it ! 

Ps: The view from the roof of my uncles house:  


13daysofpak – Day 10

Here comes the (first) bride !

Today was chill. We did nothing until 5 o’clock hahah. But then ufff everyone was getting ready by no one was actually getting something done πŸ˜… well at least at 6:30pm everyone was ready to go. 

In Pakistan there is a lot of banquet halls used for weddings. The thing is they look really amazing from the front 


And really nice from the inside



But behind the entrance there is a really ugly tent lol


So the wedding was nice the food was good and everyone was happy at first but then in the end everyone cries lol.

In Pakistan it’s normal to tell everyone know it’s a wedding at your House πŸ™‚ People here decorate their houses more than American do on Christmas hahah


But when the electricity goes – yes even here in the capital area the electricity goes off for a couple of hours – it’s all black haha  

And that’s all for today, good night πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is day 11, 2 days left 😱


13daysofpak – Day 9

Goodbye Rabwah and hello Rawalpindi/Islamabad !

The night was short, getting up in the morning was hard. But somehow I managed it. So I decided to just say goodbye and make sure she knows that I’ll come back, inshallah. That’s it I just told her I will come back to her and she has to wait ! My grandpa was laughing, then he said “don’t love us too much or else you’re gonna cry when we’re dead” as if I stop loving them πŸ˜’

Daddijaan I’ll come back wait for me!  

When I got to Farwah to say goodbye to her too she was at her mothers dressing table with a perfume in her hands saying: “me abhi pa-fuum laga ke aati hoon” hahha so funny – I’m really gonna miss her 😒.

So we got to the bus: I got in my seat, the first thing, which comes in my mind is damn it there’s almost no space πŸ˜…. Then the bus took off and got on a road I would recommend to no one. The street was so uneven that with the vibration ur body did not feel like getting a massage but it hurt. It was I uncomfortable sitting in that bus for almost an hour on that fucking road. And, as if it isn’t enough the bus stopped like 5 times within 40 minutes  


Then guys like him couldn’t stop coming in and selling snacks for the way and shouting so much, y do they have to shout. 😞

But then after almost an hour we got to the motorway and just in that sec I was gone lol, needed a recharge. I wanted to show u another thing I saw on the road

a wall with lots of cow shit on it

I woke up when we got down from the motorway and then it was just minutes to be back home πŸ™‚

Then me and my sis hubby – reunited – went out to get a shave and boy that guys do a lot of stuff on ur face just so u feel good hahahah And this looked like this 



I know looks gaaaayyyyy but I Dnt even know what it is but my skin feels good after that. So I paid for shave haircut this thing on my face twice like 500RS that’s about 5€ which is way more expensive than 3 years ago but still really cheap for us.

In the evening the Mehndi (1.Day of wedding) started. It was a nice location with no roof, so beautiful. Next door to us there was another show which appearantly was more interesting than ours  

waiter sticking hos head to the other side checking out whats going to up there


Anyways had a nice evening mashallah !

Tomorrow is wedding day ! Let’s go πŸ™‚

Day 9 gone, 4 to go 

13daysofpak – Day 8

Day 8. This is my last day here in Rabwah. It was a family day too. Started with us(me and my two cousins) staying up all night talking, making some home-made fries, and just chilling until at 5am my dad arrived in Rabwah. Then later after getting a bit of sleep I went to Faisalabad to visit my dads youngest sister of course with my sidekick. On the way she showed me a place where bricks are made. Then I was done ! I had all of his siblings, all 7 !


we were on fire hahahha – once started we didnt stop until all potatos were cutπŸ˜…
this is a place where they make bricks

 After coming back from there I went to my uncles again bcse I missed my cousin and I didn’t want to go without seeing her πŸ™‚ 

But what came after that was the best: at night time I chilled with my granny and some other family members and we sat there and talked and laughted for hours – so much fun 😁

After that I went upstairs on the roof and just sat down and watched the stars. In Pakistan when there is no electricity the earth is dark enough so that u see every star growing like an LED. This is SO BEAUTIFUL 😍😍. I’m sorry but I couldn’t catch it for u guys – I’ve tried πŸ˜”. This is something u gotta experience yourself some day – some time…well some night time of course πŸ˜…

There I thought of something really sad. My grandparents on my dads side are really old – that’s what this whole trip was about – but my grandma is really weak even though she’s 10 years younger than my grandpa bcse she was sick for very long. In that couple of minutes while I was thinking about that it came to my mind that it could be the last time me chilling with her, laughing with her, talking to her…

PS: while writing this for u 2 Mosquitos bit me on the same spot 😀😩

13daysofpak – Day 7

Today was a really chill day, did nothing really much. Got up early played with my sidekick Farwah and her little sister πŸ™‚

Later I saw the Duud wala (milkman) 


This it another thing totally normal here on Pakistan but so weird for us foreigners hahah

In Pakistan it’s totally normal that in the morning a guy with this bike seen above drives around and sells the milk his he got from his Buffaloes. People here drink fresh milk right out of a buffalo and yes they drink buffalo milk. I, myself prefer cow milk πŸ˜… that’s y I dnt drink any milk here except in chai (tea). You can buy “normal” milk, milk in packages too but they don’t buy that. 

Well after that the weather went really bad so I stayed at home playing with the kids, while playing, me and my cousin fell asleep and woke up hours later and it was still raining. When it finally stopped raining my aunt came over and got stuck in mud hahah 


Yeah that’s a problem here in Pakistan, they don’t have roads everywhere. It don’t usually rain but when it does, it’s really heavy rain and everything is muddy. Rabwah turns in to a huge mudded swimming pool hahahπŸ˜….

Well that was all except for one thing: I tried on my grandpas pugree (turban) hahha


13daysofpak – Day 6


Today is the 6th day, which means we are halfway trough. I spent this day with sleeping in late and checking in at my dads older brother, visiting his younger brother and my cousin. My sidekick today was a little cutie called Farwah, she is 3 years old and she is a total cutie pie. Mashallah love her 😊

After that we went out to a mountain, where there are some ppl they know. They are really poor and their house is like the houses in the oldtimes. I was allowed to take some pictures:

this is the main building where they all live in – its made out of rocks with a sand finishing

its just some wet sand they told me
that is the kitchen, it is in a seperste building bcse they use an open fire to cook
thats the kiychen from the inside


This made me appreciate my own life so much. May Allah keep em safe.

Well I passed their house and went to the mountain behind it and it’s so beautiful, it’s amazing but sadly the camera couldn’t catch it’s beauty  but I’ve tried

Later we went out to have some awesome sandwiches in the Tahir Heart Institute Cantine  


And when I came back home this thing was waiting at the door for me hahah 

In the evening I spent time with my grandma and my grandpa. I gave them both a massage and then asked my grandpa to tell me about the wars he fought. One of em was the Second World War when he fought against the Japanese soldiers. But he didn’t kill any, he had a scope and he helped aiming. He was the wingman of a sniper guy, isn’t that cool? πŸ˜„

Sorry for posting so late but I fell asleep and now there isn’t any electricity and my battery is almost empty.