13daysofpak – Day 10

Here comes the (first) bride !

Today was chill. We did nothing until 5 o’clock hahah. But then ufff everyone was getting ready by no one was actually getting something done 😅 well at least at 6:30pm everyone was ready to go. 

In Pakistan there is a lot of banquet halls used for weddings. The thing is they look really amazing from the front 


And really nice from the inside



But behind the entrance there is a really ugly tent lol


So the wedding was nice the food was good and everyone was happy at first but then in the end everyone cries lol.

In Pakistan it’s normal to tell everyone know it’s a wedding at your House 🙂 People here decorate their houses more than American do on Christmas hahah


But when the electricity goes – yes even here in the capital area the electricity goes off for a couple of hours – it’s all black haha  

And that’s all for today, good night 🙂

Tomorrow is day 11, 2 days left 😱