13daysofpak – Lahore, explore

Well, after buying the SIM card I was trying to somehow turn on the 3G function cause for getting the sim (which is free lol) the provider gave me 3000min 3000sms and 3000mb free as a gift valid for 15 days 😁👌

Well but because my second phone (which I got just for Pakistan to use viber and WhatsApp) is such a crappy thing the VPN won’t work and imma need to get it done tomorrow (today – depends on when I’m will be able to pay this 😅) 
After that we went straight to the landmark of Pakistan: the Minar-e-Pakistan (means “Tower of Pakistan” in English)!! 
This Beauty is built in 1968 by Murad Khan, a Turkish architect. It stands righ in the place where in 1940 the All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution, the first official call for a separate homeland for the Muslims living in the South Asia, in accordance with the two nation theory.
Well after that we went to the big famous Badshahi Mosque (= Kings Mosque) which is  right across from the Minar-e-Pakistan. 
This Mosque was built 1674 after 3 years of construction by the Mughal Emperors and was the biggest mosque of the world until 1986. 
This mosque was such a nice and quiet place (well except their workers who screamed at us to go to some museum which was going to close in ages minutes so weird) 
While we were going to see that mosque we quickly stopped for a Pakistani (= or at least south Asian) signature food: Goal Gappay 😁
Uhhhh that’s tough – how do u explain that to someone who doesn’t know what this is 😅 I’m really bad with things like that but imma try in German:
Also das sind so Kügelchen etwa so groß wie die Faust eines Kleinkindes, die drin hohl sind. Hier bricht man vorsichtig oben ein Loch rein und füllt dieses mit einer Kichererbsen-Saucen-Mischung. Nun tränkt man diese oben offenen Bällchen leicht in das “Masala-Wasser” (= Wasser mit n paar Gewürzen gemischt) und stopft sich diese in den Mund. Not only it’s really yummy and a culinary specialty but it is also kinda funny for everyone at the table 👌😁.
At this point I’m just gonna do my sis a favor:
It’s 1:26am in Lahore right now and she and her hubby are fighting like little kids 😂😂😂
Bcse she swallowed her gum and he’s like euuuuwwwww hahha. U’re welcome Baji 😝
Nachdem wir die Moschee verlassen hatten, sind wir in das dazu angrenzende schloss gelaufen. Die Mauern dieses schlossen waren so hoch, das war unfassbar 😅 – wie haben die das damals gemacht 😱😱 – Faszination Geschichte/Architektur ^^
Für dieses schloss gab es einen Eintrittspreis und die Preisverteilung war etwas lustig beschriftet:
[Ausländer: 500RS (~5€),
Erwachsene: 20RS (~0,20€),
Kinder: 10RS (~0,10€)] 
Funny thing is the spelling of the word “foreigner” 😂😂
On our way back to the car I saw another thing which I’ve never seen at home: 
A dude selling name-key-rings and he freaking had my name 😍😍😍 he even had my last name which is so awesome for me 😍
I think every foreign guy can relate when I say it’s so devastating going to such kinda stands for a personalized thing with the own name on it to find out they dnt have ur name cause it’s not usual. This was an amazing feeling 
To all the Pauls and the Peters and the Hanz’ and the Müllers out there: SUCK IT no name-key-rigs for u here 😝😝
In the evening we went for dinner in a restaurant called “gourmet” which they dnt pronounce in the French way cause it’s a French word but fuck it this is Pakistan hahaha 😅
And I dnt know if I was just starving but the food there was absolutely amazing so yummy 😍
And we got this


 Plus 2 Naans and 3 Parathas for only 2000RS (~20€) and this is one of the big restaurant chains.
Last stop on our way was another mall called “fortress”. And on our way to this mall we passed by a nice garden-like greenfield in between the tracks which looked so pretty, that I had to show u guys


There u can see a police bike which was stopping the passing cars from blocking the way just to see the lightings. 
Well as a curious person I always wanted to know how the McDonald’s in Pakistan tastes like and voilà the fortress had a McDonald’s 😁 and even though I just had amazing food, I had to try the Pakistani McDonald’s. And it truly looks like the ones in Europe I’ve been to.


I had a cheeseburger and a small fanta. 
looks almost like the mcdonalts at home
Except for the patty which was kinda weird cause u could taste the desi way of cooking in it, it tasted like the ones at home 😊. But the pricing is exactly like in Europe which makes it too expensive for Pakistan.
Another thing I’ve discovered here is me. My blood. No I dnt mean relatives I met hahah I mean my blood, literally. 😅 
My dad always tells me I got “sweet blood” well cause there are so many Mosquitos and even more mosquito bites on my skin 😭😭
After landing here while I was experiencing the scariest hour in my whole life, I got 6 bites on just the left hand an arm and I’ve been in Pakistan not more than 2 hrs at that time 😅. 
Well the recent ones didn’t look much better:
I hope I dnt get any diseases from them. 😱
After that we headed home and now it’s 2:12am here and I’m sitting on a plastic chair writing this for u guys cause there is no plug near my bed 😅
So that was day 2 which means 11 to go !
Next stop Rabwah (Chenab Nagar).
Hello nano
Hello Daddajaan
Hello Daddajaan 
Ps: here are some more pix of today with my Baji and her hubby:
At the Minar-e-Pakistan


My brother-in-law having Goal Gappay

 At the Badshahi Mosque

And this is such a cute one I thought Well behind every cute couple there is a forever alone cameraman 😂👌

 And at this place i just want to say some things: i love them both, such a cute couple I hope they stay happy forever and I hope they stay as cool and as funny as they are – love u guys

PS: I’m not just saying this so that I can continue living at ur place half a week 😂 

A tunnel trough one side of the mosques wall

The ceiling is so low at this height – so dangerous 😱
A normal shop for women’s clothes
Guy selling Churiyan – famous desi bracelet sets
guy selling flower chains and bracelets made out of real flowers They had such an intensive and nice smell – only in Pakistan ^^
guy selling womans jewelry
Lahore museum
This is called a Qingqi its s kind of a Riksha where u can sit in the front facing towards the target direction and in the back facing the opposite direction
A Qingqi with the apple logo as decoration on it Hahaaha
a ganna-juice stand (ganna = zuckerrohr)…
…with s ganna-juice machine
Traffic jam of death 😱
A really skinny horse :/

13daysofpak – Day 2

Der Tag beginnt früh. Gejetlagt machten wir uns heute morgen auf dem Weg, denn wir haben nur einen Tag in Lahore also packen wir alles rein was geht. First Stop: sim kaufen! Damit ich nicht mehr so von wlan Hotspots abhängig bin und euch trotzdem auf dem neusten Stand halten kann ^^

Hier ein paar Bilder von der Gegend, das Pakistan feeling:

  In der Straße, wo meine Unterkunft ist


Die Riksha des Nachbarn

Der gute hat uns schnell mal in die Stadt gefahren ^^