13daysofpak – Mandi & Co

…turns out I did neither of this things. I went out with my sis, her hubby and my aunt. She had things to do and my aunt knows where to go and I went along I thought it’s better than sitting at home and doing nothing. 

At this point i think i should explain: in Pakistan (well in the parts I have seen) there are no or not many shops like we know them in the western world. Here u got a street full of shops and stands with ppl selling stuff. And there is such a street called Mandi right around the house of my grandma. 

Da sind wir heute gewesen und ich hab da n bissl fotografiert:

guy selling onions and potatos


the way u sell toys in pakistan
that was nee for me too – a guy selling fish πŸ˜‚

Ansonsten habe ich meinen Cousin wieder getroffen und habe n bissi mit ihm gequatscht. Dann habe ich nachts im Bett versucht dies hier hochzuladen doch dann  war wieder der Strom weg πŸ˜… und bis der wieder kam war ich eingeschlafen. 

There is one more funny thing left to say but it’s only for the insiders: Baji ki nand Ki poti hui hai aur Wo apne hubby bar bar kehri thi ke aap nana ban gaye kal humne realize kiya ke Baji bhi nano ban gayi 24 saal ki πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

13daysofpak – Rabwah, the beautyΒ 

So the Daewoo bus wasn’t bad at all 

I even got a lunchbox 😁


The sandwich was nice but I can’t tell anything about the other things cause I didn’t eat them and I don’t even know y hahaha πŸ˜… I guess I was busy uploading my lahore story.

Anyways I’m in Rabwah (Chenab Nagar). This city got its name changed by the government to Chenab Nagar, bcse well I don’t really know y I just know that it’s an Ahmady city and the government tried to troll us by changing it. Well it didn’t work cause if u’re an insider u still know it’s Rabwah hahah 

Anyways rabwah is so beautiful 😍

It’s hills and cliffs amaze me every time I am here. And the first time I got nice pictures of them, check it out:



Isn’t that beautiful? 😍😍 sorry for the bad pictures but I had to take them while going back home, there wasn’t time to stop 😞

Anyways I saw some other things today, wich I wanna share with u right here: 

just a guy taking his cows out for a walk – on the local highway hahaha πŸ˜…


well deal with it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

yep thats a random car and i shouldn’t take pictures of strange ppl but thats totally gulfilling the clicheΓ© πŸ˜… there are like 15 ppl on 8-9 seats hahaha

muuuuch easier hahaha bcse safety ? whats that ? can i feed it to my cow? lol


This is the famous Tahir Heart Institute of rabwah – a reaaaly nice and westernlike hospital


soooo here comes some more food hahah well my aunt cooks really nice but they r used to have so much oil in the food – ich komme nicht drauf klar πŸ˜…


here the almost full moon with a cloudless darkblue sky through a tree in front of my grandmothers house


I love that here u are so much closer to nature. And well I love the weather πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ at the moment it’s great, not to sunny not to windy but perfect 😊

Today visited my dads parents house and there it is nostalgia all over the place. The house hasn’t changed in so many years. Every bit of it is a memory. And my grandparents are so cute I love em. Anyways I took my first Qingqi on my own back home to my other grandma – so proud 😁

That was a nice and quiet day. No hectic no rush just chill. And wifi as much as so need well as long as there is electricity Hahaaha πŸ˜…

So day 3 is over ladies and gentleman, which means 10 to go. 

13daysofpak – Day 3

Yesterday was a great start, i love Lahore, that’s y it’s so sad I can’t stay there any longer πŸ˜”

Today we took the famous and expensive Daewoo Coach in which I’m now sitting. This is one of the expensive busses here (560RS ~5,60€/per person) because  it has huge seats with plenty of room for the passengers and it’s air conditioned.
Now I’m here and trying to post this via hotspot from my bro-in-law. 
The mobile data is surprisingly fast here in Pakistan, well at least on lahore it was.
I like it.
Today is all about family cause today I’m on my way to my grandparents’ hometown. I hope I’ll get to show u around in the big houses where my parents grew up. πŸ™‚
PS: I’m also hoping to take my uncles motorcycle out on a ride cause license? Not today, not here 😝😁✌️